My blog is a total clusterfuck of fandoms, bad humor, text posts, shitty memes, and random things that catch my attention. I don't understand how people manage to tolerate it
- I applaud you.
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Good morning.


The moon has set for the night, and it is morning. Good morning.

The coffee has been made, breakfast is on the griddle, in the waffle maker. Good morning.

Today will exist and tonight will come. This unarguable fact persists, no matter the quantity or quality of enemy or hardship. Good morning.

Regardless of today’s successes or failures, the moon will be rise and patiently listen to our tale.

Good morning. Fight hard. Then fight harder.

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People always look for excuses. My favorite one is, “Well that’s easy for you because you have a really popular blog.” As if my really popular blog was something I won in the lottery. I had a really unpopular blog for three years in a row where 10 or 20 people were reading it. When I got started in the book business, I received 900 rejection letters. So you don’t look at the end result — at the Richard Bransons and Maria Popovas — and say, “Well they have that thing that I don’t.” They got that thing by showing up. I am really focused on helping people understand that not showing up is a failure of will more than it is a failure of birth. By

Excerpt from an interview with Seth Godin in the 10th anniversary issue of the wonderful Australian creative culture magazine Dumbo Feather

As Tchaikovsky put it, “A self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood.” Or, per Isabel Allende, “Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.”

More on the role of showing up in creative work here

Also see Godin on vulnerability and how to dance with the fear of failure

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Behold the awesomeness that is Long Ma the fire-breathing dragon-horse, the latest creation by French artist François Delarozière and his art production company La Machine. The 46-ton kinetic sculpture stands almost 40 feet tall and features articulated limbs that can gallop, rear up, and fold beneath him when he wants to sit down. His neck rises and falls and his wonderfully expressive face features eyes that open and close. Best of all, his chest swells from the pressure building in his lungs before he exhales fantastic plumes of smoke from his nostrils and jets of fire from his mouth.

This marvelous interactive sculpture was just debuted in the French city of Nantes and will soon be traveling to Beijing where he’ll be presented in October as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China. Long Ma is based on a creature from Chinese mythology, Longma, a fabled winged horse with dragon scales, and will be the hero of a performance entitled “Long Ma Jing Shen” or “The Spirit of the Horse Dragon” during which he’ll face off against a giant spider.

Click here and here for video footage of Long Ma in all his fiery glory.

Visit the La Machine Facebook page for additional images.

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Oh good hell

Spouse & I may have just decided a 30hr drive in a rental car is preferable to any other means of transportation for a most-of-the-way-across-the-country drive.